The Disco Shines in NexT City! The Disco Shines wins NexT Trophy 2017
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On 26 th June 2017 at Cinema Muzeul Țăranului, took place the awards gala of the 11 th edition of NexT

International Film Festival, presented by the festival director, Yvonne Irimescu, together with Oana Ghera who,

along with Massimiliano Nardulli, has done this year's festival selection.

NexT Trophy 2017 went to The Disco Shines¸ a co-production between Turkey and Spain, directed by Chema

García Ibarra, which captures the story of five youths without jobs or anything to do. ‘With no jobs, nothing to

do, and nowhere to go, the young protagonists of this film are seen doing what young people have always

done: making their own fun, creating a roving party of their own with only an improvised light show, some

cheap booze, and a bottle of Fanta. The landscape that they occupy is marked by the signs of past and present

political upheaval which they only acknowledge with a combination of indifference and healthy disdain in their

quest for a good time, in a film whose rough-edged, handmade aesthetic belies the extraordinary craft of its

construction, finding unorthodox points of entry into every scene’, said the jury. The prize is 2000 Euros offered

by the Romanian Cultural Institute and 2000 Euros in digital and laboratory services offered by CineLab


It is the second win for Chema García Ibarra at NexT, his first being the 'Cristian Nemescu’ Award for Best

Director in 2013 for Mysterio.

This year, the 'Cristian Nemescu' Best Director Award, worth 1,000 euros, offered by the Union of Romanian

Filmmakers, was awarded to Ico Costa for the short film Nyo Wveta Nafta which ‘manages to evoke Djibril

Diop’s classic of African cinema, Touki Bouki, while developing a rich visual vernacular that is completely its

own’, according to the jury.

The ‘Andrei Toncu’ Award for Best Sound Design, also worth 1000 Euros provided by the Union of Romanian

Filmmakers, was awarded to sound designer Hans Appelqvist for the Swedish film The Burden, directed by Niki

Lindroth Von Bahr. ‘We hear simple melodies with beautiful surprising harmonies, with unexpected

orchestrations, which match the characters very well. The sound design is very well mixed with the music,

almost becoming a part of the tunes, and the final section brings some beautiful duets, nicely and originally

orchestrated, altogether creating a very sensitive, funny, fresh, a great sound experience’, was the jury’s

impression regarding the soundtrack of the film.

The jury consisting of Dina Jordanova (film scholar, Bulgaria / UK), Cristi Iftime (film director whose feature

debut will premiere at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival), Codrin Lazar (musician, composer, winner

of Gopo 2017 Award for Best Original Music, with Sorin Romanescu for Dogs), John Canciani (director of

Winterthur Film Festival) and Nick Pinkerton (film critic, New York Film Critics Circle and collaborator of some

publications such as Sight & Sound, ArtForum or Village Voice) also gave this year two honorary mentions for:

Our Friend the Moon, directed by Velasco Broca and Sadhu in Bombay, by Kabir Mehta.

‘Equally hilarious and utterly mortifying’, First Night by Andrei Tănase is this edition’s Best Romanian Short

Film. According to the jury, the film ‘dissects the experience of sexual awakening, aided by its director’s keen

eye for the telling detail and the work of a spectacular cast, together packing several hairpin emotional turns

into a brief runtime and briskly sketching out a squirm-inducing portrait of perverted innocence’. The prize is

worth 1,000 euros offered by the Romanian Cultural Institute and 1,000 euros consisting in post-production DI

services offered by Abis Studio.

As we have been accustomed, every edition of NexT International Film Festival, the audience votes for the best

shorts in both competition sections. This year, the inhabitants of #Next City have decided that the Foreign Film

Audience Award goes to Red Light (directed by Toma Waszarow, Bulgaria), and the Romanian Film Audience

Award goes to the short film directed by Ana Maria Comanescu – Pipe, Sex and Omelette, both prizes are 500

Euros offered by NexT Cultural Society.

The four NexT trophies were modelled by artist Titi Ciocan and painted by Lea Rasovszky.

NexT International Film Festival was founded in 2006, in the memory of director Cristian

Nemescu and sound designer and composer Andrei Toncu and is organized by NexT Cultural

Society. Its 11th edition will take place between 22 nd and 26 th of June.

With the support of: National Centre of Cinema, The Union of Romanian Filmmakers, the Romanian Cultural

Institute, Bucharest City Hall, ArCuB.

Project financed by: The Ministry of Culture and National Identity

Project co-financed by: Administrația Fondului Cultural Național

Partners: Silva, French Revolution, ShortsTV, Cinetic – UNATC I.L. Caragiale, Universitatea Națională de Muzică

București, Art Contact, Rotenberg, Cinepub, Cinema Muzeul Țăranului, Muzeul Țăranului Român.

Official car: Midocar

Institutional partners: Ambasada Franței, Institutul Francez, Goethe Institut București, Ambasada Suediei la

București, Ambasada Spaniei în România, Ambasada Israel în România, Asociația Fala Português!

Media monitoring: mediaTRUST.

Main media partners: Antena 1, Radio Guerrilla, Agerpres, Zile și Nopți, Cinemagia.

Media partners: Blitz TV, Cinema Rx, Decât o revistă, Ziarul Metropolis , Sub25, Liternet, Orașul Meu,

Cooperativa Urbană, Glamour,, Cinefan, The Institute, Promo Bicicleta, Radio România Cultural,

AARC– All About Romanian Cinema, Radio România Cultural, Cooltura Mall, A List Magazine.

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