These year NexT on the Menu and Focus Grecee blend the love of cinema with that for culinary art
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NexT International Film Festival (22-26 June) reaches to those who love films and culinary art through two colorful sections: Focus Greece and NexT on the Menu. Besides the twelve films included in the two programmes, the events will offer the audience a series of gourmet tastings.


Started a few years ago, the NexT programme dedicated to national cinemas has brought to the audience’s attention a series of short films from a specific European country or region. Following the Baltic Countries and the Nordic Countries, Greece becomes the center of a special program that includes six recent short films signed by Greek directors. To complete the experience, the screening of short films included in the Focus Greece section will be followed by a Greek buffet where participants will taste traditional dishes. The films in Focus Greece are:


Prosefhi: Greek School Prayer (Thanasis Neofotistos, 2014) displays two adolescent typologies to be found everywhere, the bully and the good boy, as a pretext for a wider discussion on a range of issues in the coming-age spectrum, such as identity.


Analyzing the relationship between a devoted daughter and the father immobilized in a wheelchair, Sandy Beach (Thanos Papastergiou, 2016) is a short film about love and duty, about self-imposed routine and penance, about death and freedom.


Unlike the others film in the selection, Archipelagos, naked granites (Daphné Hérétakis, 2014) is an essay-film with a daring political and formal stake, overlapping a voice-over reciting fragments from a journal, everyday scenes from Athens and images of street revolt.



A novelty among the special section of the festival is NexT on the Menu, a programme that combines the passion for cinema with that for culinary art. Inspired by the pleasure of cooking, the six short films presented here ‒ full of humour, memories, color and surprising reflections ‒ follow the way in which flavors, tastes, culinary culture, in general, blend with our lives. NexT on the Menu is presented this year by French Revolution which is offering for every spectator a voucher for an éclair of their choice that can be picked up from any of their locations.


The selected shorts include Éclair, directed by Marko Gjokovik, a film whose action takes place in the 1980s and which surprises the desire of a child to taste the meals prepared by his father in anticipation of the arrival of Marshal Tito at his holiday home.


Ben Garfield’s The Macaron Man is a humorous mockumentary about a young confectioner who is trying to increase the visibility of his newly opened business through a promotional film about his own confectionery.


Sweet dumplings (Lai Kin Chang) narrates precisely this power of culinary art to connect certain tastes to the memory of loved ones. Without any dialogue, the camera follows the tactile and tender manner of young parents preparing the favorite dish of their daughter who died three years ago.



Focus Greece can be seen on Saturday, June 24, starting at 15:00 at Cinema Elvira Popescu, followed by the Greek buffet, and NexT on the Menu will be screened on Friday, June 23, starting at 18:00, also at Cinema Elvira Popescu.

Tickets are already available on


NexT International Film Festival was founded in 2006, in the memory of director Cristian Nemescu and sound designer and composer Andrei Toncu and is organized by NexT Cultural Society. Its 11th edition will take place between 22nd and 26th of June.


With the support of: National Centre of Cinema, The Romanian Union of Filmmakers, The Romanian Cultural Institute, Bucharest City Council, ArCuB.


Project financed by: the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, Administrația Fondului Cultural Național


Parteners: Silva, French Revolution, ShortsTV, Cinetic – UNATC I.L. Caragiale, Universitatea Națională de Muzică București, Art Contact, Rotenberg, Cinepub, Cinema Muzeul Țăranului, Romanian Peasant Museum.


Institutional partners: Embassy of France in Romania, French Institute in Bucharest, Goethe Institut Bucharest, Embassy of Sweden in Romania, Embassy of Spain in Romania, Embassy of Israel in Romania, Fala Português Association!


Official transport: Midocar.


Media monitoring: MediaTrust.


Main media partners: Antena 1, Radio Guerrilla, Agerpres, Zile și Nopți, Cinemagia.


Media partners: Blitz TV, Cinema Rx, Decât o revistă, Ziarul Metropolis , Sub25, Liternet, Orașul Meu, Cooperativa Urbană, Glamour,, Cinefan, The Institute, Promo Bicicleta, AARC– All About Romanian Cinema, Cooltura Mall, A List Magazine.








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