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Random Home Cinema

We're looking for a new location

What is Random Home Cinema and where will it take place?

Random Home Cinema is a concept initiated and developed by the Short Waves Festival – Poznań, Poland and brought, for the first time in Romania, by NexT Cultural Society, and entails organizing film screenings held by leading figures in the film industry or faithful NexT audience members in their homes.

How does Random Home Cinema work?

We announce the date and hour of the screening, prepare the films and the location so that you can make the most of it, and then all you have to do is buy a ticket. On the day of the event, two hours before the screening, we will disclose, via text message, the screening venue. We will be waiting cheerfully, with new friends.

Why Should I Take Part in Random Home Cinema?

If you like short films, if you enjoy watching movies at home, if you like discussing about the films you saw and if you would like to experience an evening at the cinema without it being necessarily in the theatre, then we can’t see why you wouldn’t like to be a part of the Random Home Cinema experience.

Who can participate?

Those hosting the screening at their house can invite their friends, family, neighbours, and some places will be reserved, each time, for a number of ticket buyers who are looking to interact with new people in the context of a film screening in an apartment.

How many people will be attending the Random Home Cinema screenings?

The number of available places will be limited, for each screening, according to the chosen venue.

When do the Random Home Cinema screenings take place?

The Random Home Cinema Screenings will be held once every two months, each time in a different location. The first screening will be taking place on May 25th.

What will we see at Random Home Cinema?

The program will be announced in advance and will include films from all over the world, selected at international festivals.

Random Home Cinema Program

First Edition – May 25th, 20:00

For the first edition, the audience can watch five short films from Poland, which won awards at this year’s edition of the Short Waves Festival, which will be presented by Szymon Stemplewski – the festival’s director. Among them: Debut is a short animation signed by Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski in which a writer finds himself trapped in the story he is trying to write. Tom needs money, which he decides to obtain by scamming an old lady, but she diverts his plan in an utterly surprising way in Grandma’s Day by Miłosz Sakowski. Lisa meets with her cousin for the first time in five years and embarks on a trip through the games of childhood in which they seem invincible, that is, until Robert steps in: Come play with me! directed by Milena Dutkowska.

You can find out more about the first edition of Random Home Cinema by accessing https://www.facebook.com/RandomHomeCinemaBucharest.

Ten tickets for the screening will be available on Eventbook, during May 16th – May 25th, for those wishing to be part of this screening. The tickets can be bought here: https://eventbook.ro/film/bilete-random-home-cinema-1.