NexT 11 – a new visual direction, a new generation of filmmakers
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Every year, NexT International Film Festival aims to discover and support the evolution of young filmmakers at the beginning of their cinematic journey, voices that are important for their generation and for the future cinema, the representatives of a community created in 11 years of festival.

The NexT Generation section brings to the public’s attention debut feature films created by filmmakers whose short films were present in the festival selection, together with the mission of celebrating talent and the creative and innovative spirit, and to promote individuals who bring new visions about the world and art through their films.

This year, the two feature films included in the NexT Generation section are Raw directed by Julia Ducournau – who won the Cristian Nemescu Award for Best Directing in 2011 for the short film ‘Junior’ which will be presented during the opening of this year’s festival (22nd – 26th of June 2017) and The human surge, directed by Eduardo Williams – who won the Andrei Toncu Award for Best Sound-design in 2012 for the short film ‘The Sound of the Stars Dazes Me’ which will be seen during the closing of the festival.

A film of extraordinary visual elegance, Raw focuses on Justine, a teenager in her first study week at vet school, who is forced to go through a strange initiation ritual for freshmen, bringing to life a story of nightmare which includes scenes of cannibalism all painted on a canvas created by a dysfunctional family and chaotic surroundings.
The feature film was presented during Semaine de la Critique at the Cannes Film Festival and it won the FIPRESCI award in 2016, followed by several other awards and attendances at international festivals.

The human surge is a meditation presented as a triptych painting about work and free time during the digital era which follows three young individuals from Argentina, Mozambique and the Philippines caught in-between ordinary jobs that they have already quit or are on the verge of quitting, without having any other goals or prospects and whose only connection is the virtual life they are living online which comes in contrast with the almost mystical yearning of wanting to escape to landscapes of pastoral/ bucolic beauty, landscapes which bring back an image from the beginning of times: virgin beaches, forests, and fields which appear as if lit by the brightness within.

The film was selected by important film festivals, winning the Golden Leopard in 2016 for the Cineasti del presente selection of the Locarno International Film Festival alongside a Best debut film mention.

Like every year, the festival aims to promote new samples of creative and innovative cinema to its viewers (old and new) whom it provokes to take part in a dialogue about cinema, inside the cinema. This year, after 10 years of existence, NexT intends to make the audiences aware of the community created around it and the way in which this community manifests itself creatively. Following this idea, this year’s visual adopts a new stylistic vision: the city and the NexT spectators as pictured in Adi Tudose’s black and white photographs mixed with Matei Branea’s unmistakeable drawings.

‘This year’s visual concept is a more colourful, funny, fresh and abstract one, synonymous with the NexT spirit. We have used elements which can be recognized from the previous editions’ design, technically speaking the transition to the abstract has started with edition number 9.

The central element is the NexT audience and, just like in other editions, in the background, is our city, Bucharest. This time the visual doesn’t belong to me entirely anymore, but it represents a dialogue with Adi Tudose’s photographs to which I’m bringing graphic design interventions. I’ve always been impressed by his textured black and white photographs since I were in college. I’m glad that we’ve ended up working together!’ says Matei Branea

This year’s visual is flooded with emoticons. ‘They are meant to bring a certain touch to our communication in the virtual world where you cannot hear our voice inflections and therefore the tone of the utterance is lost. I see them all the time, floating around us, just like a halo. Since we had a static image with characters, I thought that it would fit just right to draw on some of these visions.’ (Matei Branea)

Next International Film Festival is organised by NexT Cultural Society and supported by the National Cinematography Centre, the Romanian Film-makers’ Union, and the Romanian Cultural Institute.

The 11th edition will be taking place between 22nd and 26th of June, in Bucharest, and passes and tickets for some of the festival’s sections have already been put up for sale on

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