Get charmed for the Sânziene at NexT Fantasia!
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NexT International Film Festival unleashes a number of mystical forces in #NexTCity. Mythical creatures, fairies and some witches will take over the urban jungle of Bucharest, also known as the Botanical Garden.


Inspired by the famous 1940 Disney studios animation, the title of NexT Fantasia is not only about the content of the short films, but also about how the love for short films gets combined with the love for nature in a place so frequented, yet so unusual for such an event, transformed into an urban fairyland on this specific occasion.


Right after the Night of the Sânziene, on Saturday, 24th of June, starting 18:00, the spectators are expected at the Botanical Garden of Bucharest, where they will be able to spend some time in nature and watch short films under the moonlight.


Imagined as an extension of the night of the Sânziene, NexT Fantasia, presented by Silva, comprise of 5 short films on the theme of fantastical, dystopic or magical worlds. In The Absence of Eddy Table, a boy is thrown through a tube into a world of phantasmagorical vegetation, where he falls in love with a mysterious girl hiding dark secrets. The surreal animation Love is also about love, an overwhelming feeling which turns around an entire planet. Amalimbo takes us on another planet, in a girl’s attempt to understand the premature death of her father. In Malesh three women who live at the far end of a forest charm some men, while in Leshy another forest is taken by magical creatures.

The atmosphere is going to be complete with the live concert of alternative rock band, TRAVKA, consisting of George Gâdei (voice), Misha Gâlcă (guitar, bass), Alexei Țurcan (guitar, accordion, keys) și Cristian Chirodea (drums).



Audiences are free to bring their own blankets to the lawn of the Botanical Garden, so as to watch the films as relaxed as possible or to savour various magic drinks and foods. As for the music of Travka, we promise to surely get everyone standing.


Filled with fantasy, as well, is the Forever Young programme, bringing to the fore a series of short films capturing intense moments of characters in their teen years, in a continual coming and going between childhood and maturity, or spontaneity and adulthood. Not as cynical as an adult, yet not as naïve as a child, the characters of this programme surprise with the unpredictability of their rebellion against rules, the innocence and intensity of their love stories or the volume of the intricate initiation they have to undergo.  


Whether it is the internalization of losing a loved one (Rest in peace), the finding of oneself through shy sexual discovery (Retrosexe, Kosmos or Mutans), complicated family relationships (About the Birds and the Bees and The incapables) or the competitiveness of an environment where winning is everything (Crack), the 7 short films from Forever Young manage to transform into emotion the iconic incandescence of key moments in the life of a teenager.


NexT Fantasia is presented by Silva, in partnership with J&B, and can be seen on Saturday, 24th of June, starting 18:00, at the Botanical Garden, while Forever Young can be viewed on Sunday, the 25th at Cinema Elvire Popesco, starting 17:30.

Tickets are already on sale on NexT Fantasia:, Forever Young:


NexT International Film Festival was founded in 2006, in the memory of director Cristian Nemescu and sound designer and composer Andrei Toncu and is organized by NexT Cultural Society. Its 11th edition will take place between 22nd and 26th of June.


With the support of: National Centre of Cinema, The Romanian Union of Filmmakers, The Romanian Cultural Institute, Bucharest City Council, ArCuB.

Project co-financed by: Ministry of Culture and National Identity, Administrația Fondului Cultural Național


Parteners: French Revolution, ShortsTV, Cinetic – UNATC I.L. Caragiale, Universitatea Națională de Muzică București, Art Contact, Rotenberg, Cinepub, Cinema Muzeul Țăranului, Muzeul Țăranului Român.


Official car: Midocar


Parteneri instituționali: Embassy of France in Romania, the French Institute in Bucharest, Goethe Institute Bucharest, Embassy of Sweden in Bucharest, Embassy of Spain in Romania, Embassy of Israel in Romania, Fala Português Association!



Media monitoring: mediaTRUST.

Main media partners: Antena 1, Radio Guerrilla, Agerpres, Zile și Nopți, Cinemagia.

Media partners: Blitz TV, Cinema Rx, Decât o revistă, Ziarul Metropolis , Sub25, Liternet, Orașul Meu, Cooperativa Urbană, Glamour,, Cinefan, The Institute, Promo Bicicleta, AARC– All About Romanian Cinema, Radio România Cultural, Cooltura Mall, A List Magazine.




Instagram: @nextfilmfestival

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