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International Competition

Finland, 2018, 10′

On a winter evening, Dad returns home drunk. Tiger is in his room, and Mom is sleeping on the couch. A quarrel breaks out. Dad has a shotgun. Tiger and Mom escape the house. Haunting silence falls. Tiger must return inside to see what has happened… and to take the first steps towards independence.

Cannes Critics’ Week, 2018
Midnight Sun Film Festival, Finland, 2018
Nordisk Panorama Festival, Sweden, 2018
HIFF - Love & Anarchy, Finland, 2018
Leeds International Film Festival, UK, 2018.

Mikko Myllylahti
Mikko Myllylahti

Mikko Myllylahti (b. 1980) was born and raised in Northern Finland, in the small town of Tornio. He has
a background in poetry, his first collection “Autojen kuumat moottorit kotiinpaluun jälkeen” (“The Heated
Engines of Cars After Home-Coming”) was published in 2003 to critical acclaim. His third book, “Väylä”,
won the prestigious “Kalevi Jäntti” Literature Prize, in 2012. Urged by his mother, who insisted that his
poet son should also study something, Mikko graduated with a Master of Arts in Screenwriting and
Fiction Directing, from “ELO” Helsinki Film School. He has directed short films: “Kurjuuden kuningas”
(“Love in Vain”, 2009), and “Pyramidi” (“The Pyramid”, 2012), and a novella film, “Käsilaukku” (“The
Handbag”). He also works as a screenwriter. His first feature script was Juho Kuosmanen’s debut The
Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki, which won the “Un Certain Regard” Prize in Cannes, in 2016.
The sound design for the film “The Tiger” is signed by Jorma Kaulanen.

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