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National Competition

Romania, 2017, 17′

Iulică and Denis, two young policemen in a mountain town, have a hard day at work: they must find the beast running free on the streets. Meanwhile, Rodica has the day of her career. In the end, the borders of truth become more and more fluid.

Main Prize – Filmul de Piatră Film Festival, Romania, 2018
Transylvania International Film Festival, Romania, 2018
Shanghai International Film Festival, China, 2018
Balkan Film and Food Festival, 2018
Timishort Film Festival, Romania, 2018
Drama Film Festival, Grecia, 2018.

Andreea Lăcătuș
Andreea Lăcătuș

Andreea Lăcătuş (b. 1993) is a Romanian filmmaker living and working in Bucharest. She graduated with
a BA and MA in Film Direction, from the National University of Theatre and Film, in Bucharest, in 2015/
2017, and took a semester at “Eszterházy Károly” University. In 2017, during a dramaturgy residency in
Cluj, she wrote the play “Success. Small contemporary anxieties”, which was published and had a series
of public readings. She worked as an assistant director and assistant producer on many films and
commercials, in Romania and abroad. She coordinates the “In CAP” Association, with which she develops
artist programs of cultural accessibility. Currently, she prepares a performative installation, “Mama
dolores.RO”, at the Centre of Educational Theatre “Replika”, and a short film. She takes a bitter-sweet
angle in her approach to cinema.

Cristian Călinescu
Sound Designer
Cristian Călinescu
Sound Designer

Cristian Călinescu graduated Multimedia Studies (BA, in 2016) and the Art of Sound in Film (MA, in
2018), at the National University of Theatre and Film, in Bucharest. With a background in music, Cristi
currently works as sound designer and boom operator.

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