• 2018

    December 14-17, 2018

  • 2017

    June 22-26, 2017

    The latest and most innovative short films from around the world gathered in the biggest short films competition from Romania, unique formal experiments and fantastic journeys through distant galaxies, lots of guests and the greatest parties.

  • 2016

    April 7-11, 2016

    As much as we love films that push the boundaries of cinema as far as they can go, we also appreciate solid narrative constructions, genre films filled with pop references and a playfulness that may be found in shorts more than in other mediums.

  • 2015

    April 15-19, 2015

    Shorts that are surprising, whimsical, sexy, heartwarming, tense; shorts that nurture our empathy and shake our convictions. Shorts in which the camera becomes a window, a mirror, a cypher – it reveals all that cinema can do when it is freed from restrictions and clichés.

  • 2014

    April 3-7, 2014

    The aim was to offer a bird’s eye view of the complex possibilities in which cinema may function. As a result, the festival agenda includes various genres of films – from animation, to film noir, to romantic comedies or even films with a pornographic edge – produced in different parts of the world and equally tributary to heterogeneous aesthetic traditions.

  • 2013

    April 10-14, 2013

    NexT makes it its mission to consolidate the feeling of solidarity between the public and cineastes, by bringing the latter in contact with those who watch their films, right from the onset of this journey. NexT is a happening – with friends, among friends, fueled by the desire to build new and strong friendships.

  • 2012

    March 28-April 1, 2012

    NexT aims to stimulate the public’s hunger for film, to fuel the need for cinema for a larger public – whether they are faithful cinema goers or curious beginners – and to maintain the public’s interest for quality cinema.

  • 2011

    April 6-10, 2011

    We have not only set out to discover who will be the NexT Artist, but also what NexT is as a form of cinema, what NexT is regarding the means to comment on film, and how NexT will take shape as a new generation of cinema-goers.

  • 2010

    April 18-13, 2010

    The idea is to pack in every program as much as possible of everything that cinema can do or be. We have looked for films in which the medium is more than a mere vehicle for „a good story” or an „important message”. We are looking for evidence of passionate, intelligent feeling, on the filmmaker’s part, for the vehicle itself.

  • 2009

    April 1-5, 2009

    Either expressing joy or agony, exuberance or qualms, the aspiration to use all the means available to a filmmaker or the opposite aspiration towards the ascetic, all of the selected shorts are exceptional films. And, put together, they breathe some of Cristi Nemescu’s and Andrei Toncu’s films’ air.

  • 2008

    April 7-13, 2008

    A two-hour-long program of short films can be a real spectacle, a show that tells the viewer: ”Look how many things can be done – superlatively – with film: this, and that, and that…”, a show that would send the viewer home walking on air, feeling that he has truly travelled far and seen a lot.

First edition

March 29-31, 2007

At a time when most feature films seem to go on for hours, while barely tapping the resources of the medium, the big hope behind this small selection of short films was to fill every minute with cinematic grace, wit and magic, to inspire young filmmakers and remind film lovers why they fell in love in the first place.