24 short films in the International Competition, this year, and another 10 in the National one.
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This year’s edition of NexT International Film Festival (22nd-26th of June), the 11th, brings together 34 of the best recent short films in two sections of competition: the International Competition and the National Competition. Moreover, like every other year, the Festival Friends programme is coming back with a series of unique short films made by friends of the festival.


To organise the programmes, selection committee members and film critics Oana Ghera and Massimiliano Nardulli have seen over 2000 short films, from which 24 were chosen for the International Competition and 10 for the National one. “In selecting for the two competitions we tried to encompass more diverse films, both in style and in theme, so that members of the audience attending any of the screenings would have the opportunity, in their nearly two hours spent in the film theatre, to experience multiple feelings and formal conventions, to travel from their seat to far-away corners of the world and maybe even further. Hence, the International Competition comprises musicals, comedies, film essays, but also unique formal experiments, coming from countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal or Spain, but also Singapore, Mozambique, India or Vietnam. With the National Competition we wanted to stand to the same principle of diversity – an experimental animation, comedies, family stories or love stories, told in a realist manner, in sequence shots or rather playful shots.”



The films selected for the International Competition are competing for the NexT Trophy, with a 2000 euro award offered by the Romanian Cultural Institute, the “Cristian Nemescu” Best Directing Award and “Andrei Toncu” Best Sound Design Award, both 1000 euro awards, while those in the National Competition, this year at its 4th edition, compete for Best Romanian Short Film, a 1000 euro award also offered by the Romanian Cultural Institute. The deciding jury consists of Dina Iordanova (film critic, Bulgaria/UK), Cristi Iftime (film director whose feature film debut premieres at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival), Codrin Lazăr (musician, composer, winner of Gopo Award 2017 for best original music score, with Sorin Romanescu, for Dogs), John Canciani (director at Winterthur Film Festival) and Nick Pinkerton (film critic, member of the New York Film Critics Circle and contributor to publications such as Sight&Sound, ArtForum or Village Voice).



NexT has made many friends over the years; people who have been with us from the beginning of the festival, old collaborators, as well as new and former competitors. They all love films, and some even live to make them. And we would like to support them. Festival Friends has grown with NexT, born out of love for films and the joy to share them with the audience, and this year it is coming back with 8 unique short films by: Adrian Silișteanu, Raluca Ungureanu, Luiza Pârvu and Toma Peiu, Patrick Brăila, Andreea Borțun, Sergiu Lupșe, Alexandru Mavrodineanu, Octav Chelaru.



The International Competition can be viewed at Cinema Muzeul Țăranului on Saturday, 24th of June, from 17:00, respectively 20:00, and on Sunday, from 17:00 and 20:00. The two programmes of the National Competition can be viewed on Friday, 23rd of June, from 17:00 and 20:00, also at Cinema Muzeul Țăranului. The directors and/or sound-designers of the films will be present at the projections and will answer questions from the audience at the end.


The Festival Friends section will be screened Sunday, the 25th of June, at 14:30 at Cinema Elvire Popesco.


Tickets are already on sale on Eventbook.ro.



NexT International Film Festival was created in 2006 in memory of sound-designer and composer Andrei Toncu and film director Cristian Nemescu and is organized by NexT Cultural Society. At its 11th edition, NexT takes place this year between the 22nd and 26th of June.


With the support of: National Centre of Cinema, The Romanian Union of Filmmakers, The Romanian Cultural Institute, Bucharest City Council, ArCuB.


Project financed by: the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, Administrația Fondului Cultural Național


Parteners: Silva, French Revolution, ShortsTV, Cinetic – UNATC I.L. Caragiale, Universitatea Națională de Muzică București, Art Contact, Rotenberg, Cinepub, Cinema Muzeul Țăranului, Romanian Peasant Museum.


Institutional partners: Embassy of France in Romania, French Institute in Bucharest, Goethe Institut Bucharest, Embassy of Sweden in Romania, Embassy of Spain in Romania, Embassy of Israel in Romania, Fala Português Association!


Official transport: Midocar.


Media monitoring: MediaTrust.


Main media partners: Antena 1, Radio Guerrilla, Agerpres, Zile și Nopți, Cinemagia.


Media partners: Blitz TV, Cinema Rx, Decât o revistă, Ziarul Metropolis , Sub25, Liternet, Orașul Meu, Cooperativa Urbană, Glamour, Modernism.ro, Cinefan, The Institute, Promo Bicicleta, AARC– All About Romanian Cinema, Cooltura Mall, A List Magazine.








Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NexTFilmFestival

Instagram: @nextfilmfestival

Bilete Competiția Internațională 1: https://goo.gl/ZWMhtf

Bilete Competiția Internațională 2: https://goo.gl/t0nVKA
Bilete Competiția Internațională 3: https://goo.gl/cfHGPr
Bilete Competiția Internațională 4: https://goo.gl/sHn634

Bilete Competiția Națională 1: https://goo.gl/KJHRT5

Bilete Competiția Națională 2: https://goo.gl/0VK6fA

Bilete Festival Friends: https://goo.gl/Q6QKEm




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