Let's discover the city together!
This year is the 11th edition of the NexT International Film Festival and it's happening between 22 and 26 June

The latest and most innovative short films from around the world gathered in the biggest short films competition from Romania, unique formal experiments and fantastic journeys through distant galaxies, lots of guests and the greatest parties.

  • Arthouse
    A delirious sci-fi riff on the Arabian Nights' 'Tale of the Hunchback', submerging us in a dystopia reigned by a...
  • Parables of Today
    Intimate, the film reaches for a truth through its absurd premise of reversing the refugee journey. It depicts the breakdown...
  • NexT Is Feminist
    An exploration of our cultural obsession with images of the dead woman on screen. With films’ footage and one actor's...
  • Short Matters! European Film Academy Nominees on Tour
    It’s a fact: good Germans wait at red traffic lights. But what do you do when the green man simply...